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SpoTel: M200P

Power by SpoTel is a - Quality Assurance


Official Elastix
Certified Hardware

New Integrated Mobile / FXO / FXS PCI Card
Asterisk Elastix Trixbox Compatible

**** SpoTel by Nicherons Canada ****

Build your own IP PBX
Plug and Play Installation

Hybrid Mobile-TDM PCI Card


Plug and Play Installation

Plug and Play Asterisk / TrixBox / Elastix Installation

The SpoTel M200P is a PCI 2.2-compliant modular gateway card for connecting analog telephone stations, analog POTS lines, Quad-band GSM and CDMA lines through a PC, as well as sending/receiving SMS.

SpoTel M200P is a hybrid Asterisk card, which supports two Mobile channels (CDMA &/or GSM) and 2 FXO/FXS analog ports.
Using M200P, open source Asterisk PBX and stand alone PC, users can create their IPPBX telephony solution which includes all the sophisticated features of traditional PBX, and extended features such as voicemail in ipPBX.

Key Features:

SMS Receiving & Storage

Individual, scheduled or Bulk SMS sending

SMS Multi-language support

3.3v PCI, 5v PCI, PCIx compatible

IMEI Changeable

DTMF detection

Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900MHz) module

CMDA (800Mhz) module

Graphic user management web interface, GUI
Mobile signal strength & status monitoring

Applications, include

SMS gateway

GSM VoIP gateway
GSM callback services
GSM connectivity for PBX
Mobile PBX
GSM service operation
Billing system


M200P-G20 (2 GSM, 2 FXO, 0 FXS)
M200P-G11 (2 GSM, 1 FXO, 1 FXS)
M200P-G02 (2 GSM, 0 FXO, 2 FXS)
M200P-G00 (2 GSM, 0 FXO, 0 FXS)

M200P-C00 (2 CDMA, 0 FXO, 0 FXS)
M200P-C20 (2 CDMA, 2 FXO, 0 FXS)
M200P-C11 (2 CDMA, 1 FXO, 1 FXS)
M200P-C02 (2 CDMA, 0 FXO, 2 FXS)

M200P-M00 (1 GSM, 1 CDMA, 0 FXO, 0 FXS)
M200P-M20 (1 GSM, 1 CDMA, 2 FXO, 0 FXS)
M200P-M11 (1 GSM, 1 CDMA, 1 FXO, 1 FXS)
M200P-M02 (1 GSM, 1 CDMA, 0 FXO, 2 FXS)

You don't need any special expertise

Only few commands on the CLI interface to install.

The installation is nearly plug-&-play.

It works directly with standard Asterisk (dahdi) driver, wctdm24xxp. No 3rd party software patch or driver is required.


Dimensions: 180mmx104mmx16mm (length x height x thickness)

ROHS compliant (No Lead in PCB and parts).
Certificates: CE, FCC

Scaling of an analog card solution is accomplished by adding additional cards. ** Multiple SpoTel cards can be fully functional within a system **

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