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SpoTel: TDM1600 (PCI & PCIe versions)

Power by SpoTel is a - Quality Assurance


Official Elastix
Certified Hardware

New Integrated 16 ports FXO / FXS PCI or PCIe Card
Astersk Elastix Trixbox Compatible

**** SpoTel ® by Nicherons Canada ****

Build your own IP PBX
Plug and Play Installation

16 FXO/FXS Ports PCI / PCIe Card


Plug and Play Installation

Plug and Play Asterisk / TrixBox / Elastix Installation

Package includes
16 Ports PCI (TDM1600Pv2) or PCIe (TDM1600eV2) card with 4 onboard FXO modules installed and

optional dual-FXO/dual-FXS upgrade module to max of 16 ports

The SpoTel ® TDM1600Pv2 (Version 2) is a PCI 2.2-compliant modular gateway card while the STM1600eV2 is the PCIe version that complies to PCIe x1, x4, x8, x16 bus slot.

The card is for connecting analog telephone stations and analog POTS lines through a PC. It supports a combination of station or trunk modules for a total of 16 RJ-11 ports.

SpoTel ® analog cards are for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) lines to the PSTN through a PC. With these cards, users can transport calls from POTS to POTS, POTS to PBX, or POTS to VoIP. Using one of our analog cards in concert with Asterisk ® Elastix or Trixbox software, standard PC platforms, and the Linux ® OS, one can create telephony solutions capable of satisfying the needs of business applications with industry-leading quality.

To support our analog interface cards, SpoTel ® offers analog modules for both Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) extension-side interfaces and Foreign Exchange Office(FXO) trunk-side interfaces. These modules are built with dual-port modules, where density is important. Yet, it takes ONLY ONE SLOT SPACE (NOT TWO SLOTS). It is   a standard height, HALF length card (PCI card:178mmx 98mm / PCIe card: 190mmx98mm).   It will FIT in most systems. The analog cards, with their interchangeable single and quad FXS and FXO modules, can eliminate the requirement for separate channel banks or access gateways. Scaling of an analog card solution is accomplished by adding additional cards.

** Multiple SpoTel cards can be fully functional within a system **

Upgrade kit is available  for port expansion. Each upgrade kit includes
: 4-port of your preference between FXO and FXS
: TDM1600Pv2 Splitter cable (4 RJ11 jacks)


Designed for


  - Different FXO/FXS configurations are avaliable

TDM1600v2-00 (04 FXO, 00 FXS): total 04 ports

TDM1600v2-10 (06 FXO, 00 FXS)
: total 06 ports
TDM1600v2-01 (04 FXO, 02 FXS): total 06 ports

TDM1600v2-02 (04 FXO, 04 FXS): total 08 ports
TDM1600v2-11 (06 FXO, 02 FXS): total 08 ports
TDM1600v2-20 (08 FXO, 00 FXS): total 08 ports

TDM1600v2-03 (04 FXO, 06 FXS): total 10 ports
TDM1600v2-12 (06 FXO, 04 FXS): total 10 ports
TDM1600v2-21 (08 FXO, 02 FXS): total 10 ports
TDM1600v2-30 (10 FXO, 00 FXS): total 10 ports

TDM1600v2-04 (04 FXO, 08 FXS): total 12 ports
TDM1600v2-13 (06 FXO, 06 FXS): total 12 ports
TDM1600v2-22 (08 FXO, 04 FXS): total 12 ports
TDM1600v2-31 (10 FXO, 02 FXS): total 12 ports
TDM1600v2-40 (12 FXO, 00 FXS): total 12 ports

TDM1600v2-05 (04 FXO, 10 FXS): total 14 ports
TDM1600v2-14 (06 FXO, 08 FXS): total 14 ports
TDM1600v2-23 (08 FXO, 06 FXS): total 14 ports
TDM1600v2-32 (10 FXO, 04 FXS): total 14 ports
TDM1600v2-41 (12 FXO, 02 FXS): total 14 ports
TDM1600v2-50 (14 FXO, 00 FXS): total 14 ports

TDM1600v2-06 (04 FXO, 12 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-15 (06 FXO, 10 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-24 (08 FXO, 08 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-33 (10 FXO, 06 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-42 (12 FXO, 04 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-51 (14 FXO, 02 FXS): total 16 ports
TDM1600v2-60 (16 FXO, 00 FXS): total 16 ports

Plug&Play easy installation

You don't need any special expertise

Only few commands on the CLI interface.

It runs on standard Asterisk dahdi driver (wctdm24xxp)

*No 3rd party software patch is required*

[root@localhost ~]# lsdahdi
### Span   1: WCTDM/0 "Wildcard TDM2400P Board 1" (MASTER)

ROHS compliant (No Lead in PCB and parts).
Certificates: CE, FCC

Package includes:

TDM1600 card in original packaging
4-pin Power Cable
"Rj45-to-4x RJ11" splitter cable(s)
2 year manufacturer's warranty