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SpoTel: TDM410Pv2

Power by SpoTel is a - Quality Assurance

New Integrated 4 ports FXO / FXS PCI Card
Asterisk Elastix Trixbox Compatible

**** SpoTelĀ® by Nicherons Canada ****

Build your own IP PBX
Easy Installation

World 1st "Ver.2"  4-port voice card


Why will you buy the old designed TDM410/400 (version 1) when the new V2 is available.

V2 can do everything V1 does, with additional new features

: FXO Power Failover

: Easy Installation

: Universal dimensions: Half-length, half-length

: Built-in thunder, power surge line protectors

: Low power consumption

: No need of extra power connector

FXO Power Failover:

is a hardware feature that allows connectivity to an analog phone patched into the right pair of wires to be activated by a relay upon power outage. It has been the weakness of the VOIP system since  voip is invented. Upon power outage, voip phone systems are dead. V2 is now the SOLUTION.





Easy Installation:

The card is compatible to work with most Open-Source PBX software in the market and supports built-in open-source software echo cancellation. 

Universal dimensions:

height * length * thickness (57mm x 162mm x 20mm) 
The card's in half-height, half-length & comes with 2 FACEPLATES. So it will fit to HALF-HEIGHT SLOT or FULL-HEIGHT SLOT.
It is a 2U card, but can fit in 2U, 3U & standard height
4U with appropricate faceplate brackets.
[No need of Riser card module in most server systems any more] 

 Built-in thunder, power surge line protections:
Surge & thunder safeguards are designed in the analog modules as the 1st layer of protection & the 2nd layer of safeguards on the card itself. This will help to prevent the system failure & many unexpected issues caused by the power surge on the line that most people don't even aware.

Low Power Consumption & 

no need extra power connector:

Together with its universal dimensions, the card could be installed  in nearly any PC of your choice; including
small form factor (SFF),  Thin-client PC, mini-ITX PC


- Brand New Digium TDM410P compatible (*)
 - Any combination of FXO / FXS ports are available

TDM410-40 (4 FXO, 0 FXS)
TDM410-31 (3 FXO, 1 FXS)
TDM410-22 (2 FXO, 2 FXS)

TDM410-13 (1 FXO, 3 FXS)

TDM410-04 (0 FXO, 4 FXS)

You don't need any special expertise

Only few commands on the CLI interface, the card will be installed (instruction included)

100% fully compatible with Digium (*) 4 port PCI card

  Quick summary:

TDM410v2 PCI card will work in any country that uses analog telephones (FXS port) or phone lines (FXO port). Connect it to any analog phone or your telco analog telephone line or any analog PBX. Build your own analog or hybryd PBX, Switch calls, build IVR services, add Voicemail, Speech to text, Text to Speech, fax sending / receiving or Call centers.

ROHS compliant (No Lead in PCB and parts).
Certificates: CE, FCC

Package includes:

BRAND NEW TDM410v2 card in original packaging
2 year manufacturer's warranty
Email & Voice support to get you started

** Multiple SpoTel cards can be installed in a system **

Designed for ANY PBX software that works with standard Aseterisk Dahdi, including