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Spotel Phone Services

Caller ID Passthrough

SpoTel Business plan supports CID passthrough. For instance, different CID numbers could be passed based on the extension/phone placing the call. The person receiving call will see different CID info. This is especially useful when you have multiple DID phone numbers in your line. So you could have full control of how and what you want to display to the receiver.

Softphone & ATA
It is with straightforward to send your CID info from Softphone or ATA. You will just have to enter your desired number in "Display name" or "CID number". You could leave "Blank" to not send any CID info. "unknown number" will then be shown to the receiver.

ip-based PBX

It is very flexible to insert your CID info from multiple users during the call hierarchy
Phone -> Extension -> Outbound Route -> Trunk ---> Transparent Spotel Business line

Example 1: If you do not setup the CID ("Blank" in CID field) in all Trunk/Outbound Route/Extension, whatever CID info in your Phone will be displayed to the receiver. In this scenerio, different CID ould be sent from different group of phones.

Example 2: In this example, the company will set a CID in the trunk.
The Trunk CID will override any CID in extension/phone/outbound route. No matter how users change the CID in their phones. Only the trunk CID will be shown to the receiver.

In the Outbound Route, set the "Route CID"  & tick the checkbox of "Override Extension CID". Replace 2050512 in the below example with your CID number.

In the corresponding trunk, leave the "Outbound Caller ID" blank.

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