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FAQ- What are IP phones ?

The implementation of an IP telephone system in a business requires the use of a very specific type of phone: the IP Telephone.

IP Phones are sometimes called VoIP telephones, SIP/IAX phones or softphones. These are all the exact same thing and are based on the principle of transmission of voice over the internet, or what is better known as VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) technology.

A VOIP phone system requires the use of SIP/IAX phones / VOIP phones. VoiP phones come in several versions/types:


VOIP Soft phones - software based SIP/IAX phone

A software based SIP phone is a program which makes use of your computer's microphone and speakers, or an attached headset to allow you to make or receive calls. Examples of Softphones  X-lite or Zoiper which could be downloaded in our Support page.

USB VOIP phones

A USB phone plugs into the USB port of a computer and with the use of a SIP/ VOIP soft phone software behaves just like a phone. Essentially its not more then a microphone with a speaker, however because they appear like a normal phone they are more intuitive to use for a user.

Hardware SIP Phone

A hardware based SIP phone looks like and behaves just like a normal ‘phone’. However it is connected directly to the data network. These phones have an integrated mini hub, so that they can share the network connection with the computer. That way you do not need an additional network point for the phone. Examples of hardware SIP phones are Cisco Linksys.

Use analog phone via an ATA adapter

If you want to use your current phone with the VOIP phone system, you can use an ATA adapter. An ATA adapter allows you to plug in the Ethernet network jack into the adapter and then plug the phone into the adapter. That way your old phone will appear to the VOIP phone system software as a regular SIP phone. An ATA adapter which allows an analog phone to connected to a VOIP system. Example will be SpoATA


VoIP phones are very inexpensive to buy and can bought online via one of the many VOIP product online shops. SpoTel VoIP Phone Systems support all standard VoIP phones.