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FAQ- What is a Voice over IP ?

Voice over IP (also called VoIP, IP Telephony, and Internet telephony) refers to technology that enables routing of voice conversations over the Internet or a computer network. To place calls via VOIP, a user will need a  software based sip phone program OR a hardware based VOIP phone. Phone calls can be made to anywhere / anyone: Both to VOIP numbers as well as people with normal phone numbers.

Voice over IP refers to the diffusion of voice traffic over internet-based networks. Internet Protocol (IP) was originally designed for data networking and following its success, the protocol has been adapted to voice networking.

Voice over IP (VoIP) can facilitate tasks and deliver services that might be cumbersome or costly to implement when using traditional PSTN:

  • More than one phone call can be transmitted on the same broadband phone line. This way, voice over IP can facilitate the addition of telephone lines to businesses.
  • Features that are usually charged extra by telecommunication companies, such as call forwarding, caller ID or automatic redialing, are simple with voice over IP technology.
  • Unified communications are secured with VoIP technology, as it allows integration with other services available on the internet such as video conversation, messaging, etc.

These, and many other advantages of voice over IP, are making businesses adopt VoIP Phone Systems at a staggering pace.