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SpoTel: ipPBX08

Power by SpoTel - Quality Assurance 



Asterisk based + 8 FXO / FXS Ports
   Heavy-duty metal case - no moving parts

Model: IPPBX-08


Embedded PBX

- 8 x FXO /FXS Analog Phone Lines 

    (other combination of FXO / FXS ports are available)
  - Base on Asterisk

  - Configuration by Web

  - Built-in SIP/IAX server

  - Static/DHCP/PPPoE network access

  - Codec: G7.11 ulaw, G711 alaw,   GSM, SPEEX, G.726, G729                  [no additional license fee required]

  - SIP/IAX Trunk (use with voip trunk operator)

  - Zap trunk (use with PSTN)

  - Phone book

  - SKYPE Trunk (*)

  - Zap Extensions (connect with Analog phone)

  - SIP/IAX extensions (connect with ip phone)

  - voice mail server

  - Remote Backup/Restore through Internet Browser (excellent feature for diasaster revoery)

  - Flexible dial plan

  - Follow me
  - Ring groups
  - Local and / or Remote IP Phone Extensions with Voice Mail,   Music on Hold
  - Branch office support
  - As Many as you need VOIP Extensions (No Per User Licenses)
  - Simple, Reliable and Economic solution for your phone needs
  - Everything you need to place VOIP calls
  - WEB based intuitive configurator (user friendly &  easy to use)

  - Call Park

  - Call Queue (Now is supported)

  - Call Logs

  - Support ip phone with key function

  - FAX T.38 support

  - Blacklist

  - Paging & Intercom

  - Call recording

  - Video call (H.264, H263+, H263, H261)

  - FTP data storage (Upload VM,Conference record,Call Recording & Call logs)

  -  BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on a phone that indicates who is talking on other phones

  - 3-way calling

  - Call waiting

  - Caller ID

  - Call forward (on busy or an un-answer call or unregistered extensions)

  - WEB Voice mail with e-mail notification
  - Call reporting
  - Conference Calling - Multiple Conference Bridges supported
  - Time Based Rules control

  - External calling number on RingGroup

    -  Conference bridge recording to SD memory card

  - ZAP Channel DID for different Inbound route per each FXO port

  - Music On Hold

  - DISA support
  - Call Transfer
  - Off Premise Extension - Remote Extension
  - Auto Attendant (IVR- Interactive Voice Recording)

  - Multi-language voicemail prompt 


Everything you need to cover your phone needs & MUCH More.
Commercial QUALITY at no compromise, Built to last!!!

UNIQUE Hardware/Firmware/Supported features 

that will not find in other embedded systems, especially,  Most above features in blue.


You don't need to be a telephone expertise. We are also behind the product to ensure it up & running!

Easy to Setup and Manage
Cost effective

Easy to use - Friendly GUI for 1st time user

P.S. - All the Configuration and Management is done via WEB based GUI.

User manual could be downloaded for your reference




Multiple units could be stacked up in the same location to provide more Analog Ports support,

e.g 2x units of ipPBX08 to support -> 16x FXO/FXS ports.

Multiple offices could be linked up through internet for

- internal calls between offices without Long Distance fee

- sharing local phone lines between different locations

- Receive/make calls from oversea locations without Long Distance Fee

(*) Skype Sip Trunk: For this will need to register with Skype, please see this link for further info to understand how it support Skype Trunk please also see the per channel charges from skype if you wish to use skype trunk

System Specification:

  • Form Factor: Small form factor
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 237mmx120mmx36mm
  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Processor: 32-bit 400Mhz RISC (Blackfin) processor
  • SpoTel analog FXO/FXS modules
  • Memory Slot: 2G SD RAM Card
  • Connectivity: 2x RJ45; 1x MMC/SD slot;  8x RJ11
  • Power: AC 100-240 V ( 50/60 Hz ) adapter In; adapter output =12V, 2A
  • OS: uClinux 2.6x;
  • PBX software: Asterisk
  System availability:

ipPBX08-40: 8x FXO + 0x FXS 

ipPBX08-31: 6x FXO + 2x FXS

ipPBX08-22: 4x FXO + 4x FXS                         

ipPBX08-13: 2x FXO + 6x FXS

ipPBX08-04: 0x FXO + 8x FXS

ROHS compliant (No Lead in PCB and parts).
Certificates: CE, FCC


username: admin 

password: myspotel1

Package includes:

BRAND NEW SpoTel ipPBX08 server
  in original packaging

Power adapter

2GB SD Memory Card

2 years manufacturer's warranty

Email & Voice support to get you started

System Users include:

  €˘- Small and medium enterprises ( SMB )

 €˘- Law firms

 €˘- Brokerage offices

 €˘- Insurance offices

 €˘- Medical offices

 €˘- Travel agencies

 €˘- Apartments

 €˘- Universities and Schools

 €˘- Small Hotels, Motels

 €˘- Home users / Home businesses ( SOHO)

 €˘- Remote users

 €˘- Branch offices

Based on embedded asterisk system, SpoTel ipPBX08 is a high quality, stable PBX without any moving parts and a very small footprint. The power consumption as well as the heat dissipation is kept at an absolute minimum. With Replaceable  dual FXO/FXS modules make it easy to adapt different anolog port combinations. It supports standard SIP/IAX2 protocol and G.711/G.729 codec.

SpoTel ipPBX08 is an excellent product to SOHO and companies under 100 employees.


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