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SpoTel Voip (SIP & IAX) Trunking

SpoTel VoIP Trunks provide resellers and business users all of the advantages of VoIP including easy implementation. VoIP Trunking uses the SIP or IAX protocol to allow deployment of voice services over a broadband connection at very competitive low rates.

There are a number of advantages when using the VOIP phones system, over the regular PSTN; a VOIP phone is extremely flexible, whereby you require no phone line, and only use an Internet connection. SpoTel VOIP services offer inexpensive office and home Internet phone services to everybody willing to cut down their price on their current telephone bills. Joining SpoTel will help save you money and will also offer you greater and better services and options than ever before. Join us today and discover how easy VOIP really is!

Business Customers
VoIP Trunks allow your customers to require only one network connection for voice and data so they can maximize the return on investment in their network infrastructure. In addition, business customers can keep their existing telephone system and phone numbers when using SpoTel VoIP Trunking. The SpoTel network has all of the features you would expect, including;
  • Multiple simultaneous calls on a single line. No More BUSY Tone. (forecast tolerance, no need to install more lines in advance)
  • CID transparency(multiple different CID could be sent from different phones)
  • LNP DID Portability to port & transfer your existing DID phone number
  • Intellegent trunking works even when VoIP BLocking is implemented
  • No hidden cost:
No contract;
No pre-commitment;
No month fee;
No maintenance fee;
No connection fee;
No expiry date: the credt will never be lost.

Carrier Services
SpoTel allows partners, carriers and large resellers to deploy VoIP Trunks to consolidate traffic and utilize the powerful SpoTel network to do the "heavy lifting" for their VoIP service. By Trunking to SpoTel, you can rely on our highly available network to terminate traffic anywhere in the world with high quality and high ASR. SpoTel VoIP Trunks can be created in real time using our web based Reseller Admin Panel (RAP).

Virtual VoIP DID number
With SpoTel you get your own regular fixed telephone phone number from many countries - starting from only $2.50 per month. So your friends and business contacts can call you on a regular fixed telephone number and you can receive the call worldwide. No matter where you are, your VOIP phone number will be reachable no matter what country you are staying in (i.e. Canada, China or Mexico).

Please ContactUS for more details on VoIP Trunking, the SpoTel VoIP Platform & Virtual DID phone number.

Whether you're using a VoIP ATA, an open source PBX, an off-the-shelf phone system or softswitch or a home grown proprietary system, SpoTel VoIP Trunking will meet your needs and allow you to focus on your customer, not your network.

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