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Asterisk / Elastix / Trixobx / FreePBX Configuration

SIP Trunk Configuration Example

IAX Trunk Configuration Example

If ONLY you are using our DID service, please also add the "Register Sring". If you are using the PAYG for Outgoing call, the "Register String" is not necessary.

For SIP,

For IAX,

Please replace the username (314135424 in the above example) & password with your acccount info.

The below are the standard voip voice ports. Please do Port-forwding at your router to your internal PBX ip.

SIP: 5060 UDP
RTP Range: 10001-20000 UDP
IAX2: 4569 UDP

Nicherons International Corp, based in Canada. We aim to deliver quality on time at a minimum cost using cutting edge technology.

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