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Spotel Phone Services

Signup as easy as 1..2..3

Signup 1: Email to sales@spotel.ca to request opening account
: or register at http://billing.spotel.ca/interface/signup.php
Signup 2: ONce your account is approved, you will receive a Signup confimraton by email about
: Your account number
: Login username (for web user management interface)
: Password (for web login & Trunk registration)
: URL web link to access your user management interface
: Your SIP/IAX connections should be activated within 30 mins
Signup 3: Logon your account to Refill by Credit card, Paypal

Congratulation to your new subscription & enjoy the low rate PAYG phone services

Please ContactUs for more details on VoIP Trunking, the SpoTel VoIP Platform & Virtual DID phone number.

Whether you're using a VoIP ATA, an open source PBX, an off-the-shelf phone system or softswitch or a home grown proprietary system, SpoTel VoIP Trunking will meet your needs and allow you to focus on your customer, not your network.

Nicherons International Corp, based in Canada. We aim to deliver quality on time at a minimum cost using cutting edge technology.

Industry leader in Telecommunications

We believe in a converged world. Even as you deploy and manage new business capabilities centrally, extending reach and mobility to your global employees, convergence can deliver maximum business advantages.

We offer your business the highest quality Voip Network Equipment available on the market, designed & supported by the far most experts in the business.