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SpoTel™ FAX Server: SpotFAX:

The SpoFAX server provides the ability to SpoTel HP7 & DR7 to send/recieve faxes paperlessly. The SpoFAX fax software module shares the same hardware platform with the SpoTel PBX system, which is built on Linux, PHP and Mysql environments for its well-know stability.

SpoFAX: SpoTel™ FAX Server module

SpoTel FAX Server


* Leverage IP network infrastructure for maximum efficiency
* Reduce network complexity and administrative overhead
* Increase server hardware utilization via fax server virtualization
* Reduce long-distance PSTN charges
* Save FAX machines and their maintenance costs
* Streamline fax traffic for greater efficiency

* Eliminate the need to install remote fax servers & hardware

  modem boards

The SpoFAX FoIP solution allows organizations to leverage the power and reliability of their IP network to save costs and increase productivity company-wide. By consolidating voice & fax on a single, converged platform, enterprises are able to increase efficiency of their server capacity and network resources while simultaneously reducing costs and improving performance, service and compliance throughout their infrastructure.

With centralized fax server system supporting T.38, the fax protocol over data network, organizations can consolidate entire fax communication into a single, centrally managed system. 

SpoFAX could be accessed anywhere through a web browser

Users can send/receve fax "PAPERLESSLY" as in the office

Each user can manage their own VIrtual Fax Number & fax boxes


SpoFAX is the best FAX solution/companion to your Asterisk ip PBX system.


    * Users can view faxes online with any standard web browser (including IE6/7, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, & Opera)

    * Download faxes in PDF format

    * Recognizable fax numbers can have their faxes forwarded directly to an email address in PDF format

    * Users can forward faxes via email without the need of an email client

    * Enhanced cover page support

    * Unlimited users

    * Unlimited fax lines -  fax lines managed by SpoFAX is not limited

    * Blacklisting support

    * DID/DTMF-based routing support

    * Address book importer for both Email addresses & Fax numbers in vCard (.vcf) format

    * Multiple language support - each user can use the interface in their native language

    * Fax archive - search your fax archive for received and sent faxes by company,date,category,keyword


    * Easily monitor and log what your users are faxing and to where

    * Faxes are stored in PDF format instead of a proprietary file format

    * Users on any platform use the same identical interface

    * Faxes are archived on the server instead of in filing cabinets

    * Eliminates multiple fax machines in a single facility

    * Send faxes directly from your computer with email confirmation

    * Reduces paper and toner use in both the fax machine & office printer

    * Online address book helps reduce human input error