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SpoLink Phone Adaptor: Instant Spotel phone Service

SpoLink works over your Internet

SpoLink phone adapter connect your existing phone line to your high-speed internet & routes your phone calls over your existing Internet rather than through a traditional telephone line. But even though your phone uses the Internet, it has nothing to do with your computer. In fact, your PC or Laptop doesn't even need to be switched on to use SpoLink. The people you call don't need SpoLink or an Internet connection. All they need is a regular phone. Likewise, when someone calls your SpoLink phone, your phone rings as usual.

* Works with existing cord or cordless phones
* Supports up to 2 SpoTel phone lines
* Supports multiple virtual DID phone lines (different area codes, countries)
* Life line: use the same handset to place PSTN and VoIP calls.
* Life Line: Failover from VoIP to PSTN when power is lost.
* Small and Portable - works virtually anywhere in the World
* Built-in with VoIP networking router
* Both Voip & PSTN lines will ring the attached phone
* Works in even countries that VOIP blocking is implemented

The SpoLink phone adapter can connect up to two SpoLink lines through your pre-existing high-speed Cable or DSL Internet connection and includes a VoIP networking router. Just plug it into your existing high-speed Internet connection and use the two standard telephone jacks to connect your existing phones or fax machine. The SpoLink phone adapter allows you to use your Internet connection for your computer and your phones at the same time and because it's SpoLink, you get clear digital phone sound quality.

Easy Setup

Just plug in the power supply, plug in your phone, and connect it to your Cable or DSL modem. You'll hear a dial tone and be ready to make calls in seconds.

Portable - Take It With You

The SpoLink phone adapter is small and fully portable. Simply unplug the VoIP phone adapter and take it wherever you want. Just plug it into any high-speed Internet connection (cable or DSL), connect a phone and your SpoTel line is ready to go from ANYwhere in the world!

Dial commands:
Notice: all command below can be end with # to speed response.
#****# /* Reboot gateway*/
#*111# /* Prompt gateway ip*/
#*222# /* Prompt account number*/
888 /* SpoTel toll-free Hotline*/
+ number /* Dial out from PSTN line*/
country code + number /* DIal out from SpoTel Voip line*/

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