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SpoTel „ SMS Server: SpotSMS:

The SpoTel SMS server provides the ability to SpoTel GSMSIP gateway to send information by reliable, affordable SMS text messages. The server is built on Linux, PHP and Mysql environments for its well-know stability. The ready-to-use solution simply connects the server and gateway(s) to the internet wherever internet connection is available.

SpotSMS: SpoTel „ SMS Server +

SpoTel GSM Gateway

SMS messaging can be used as a marketing tool to deliver newsletter, latest discounts/products of a company, stock market alerts. It can be a great tool for Call Center, telemarketing companies, and institutes with many mobile workers (including insurance companies, investment firms, real estate broker firms, delivery companies).

The applications are endless.


Key Features:

- The system can be scaled by adding more GSMSIP gateway. No extra license is required
- Quad-band GSM support allows gateway nearly in every country

Anywhere management:
- System can be administrated via web browser from anywhere in the world

Supported lanugages: English, Chinese, Spanish

NAT Traversal supported: Stun or Relay Proxy

- Receivers can be organized in different distribution groups and crowds
depending on the type of information communicated

- Receiver list can be imported from standard csv or xls file format
- Allows multiple concurrent users
- Data backup and restore supported
- Setup user accounts with different admin privileges
- Different SMS messages can be pre-defined as templates

SpoTel GSM-SIP gateway can support voice and SMS simultaneously.

The gateway can connect to a voice PBX while also connecting to another SMS Server supporting VOICE & SMS applications

SMS is very suitable technology for delivering alerts and notifications of important events. This is because of two main reasons
1) A mobile phone is a device that is carried b its owner most of the time. Whenever an SMS text message is received, the mobil phone will notify you by giving out a sound or by vibrating. You can check what the SMS text message contains immediately.

2) SMS technology allows the "push" of information. This is different from the "pull" mode where a device has to poll the server regularly in order to check whether there is any new information. The "push" model is more suitable for alert and notification applications, since it does not waste bandwidth and reduce load.