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In business class phone systems & VoIP products

Catering to SOHO, Small and Medium sized businesses

Unified Communication & Voip Solution

Softphone (Free open source)

X-lite (suppport SIP protocol)

Zoiper (suppport SIP & IAX protocols)

Kapanga (suppport SIP protocols)

Firmware update

SpoGSM Latest firmware: v.3.0
Key added features in v3.0: Black list, Paging, Conference recording, Call queue
Key added features in v2.1: Polarity Switch on GSM trunk
Key added features in v2.0: Video calls
Key added features in v1.01: BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Status support
DISA PIN now can be disable

Please contact support@nicherons.com for the latest firmwares
& UPGRADE server info

SpoTel ipPBX08
Latest firmware: v.4.02
Key added features in v4.02: Spy code
Key added features in v4.00: Blacklist, Video call, H263/263*/264, Paging & Intercom
Key added features in v3.12c: Conference Recording to SD memory card
Key added features in v3.12: IVR Name Directory
External numbers (e.g. Cell number) in RingGroup
ZAP Channel DID (different inbound route/port)
Key added features in v3.11: BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Status support
Key added features in v3.10: Manual Time Date & NTP; DDNS (dyndns.org) support
Key added features in v3.09: Multi-language voicemail prompts

Key added features in v3.08: Call Queue
Key added features in v3.07: Call Park, DISA, Remote backup/restore

Please contact support@nicherons.com for the latest firmwares & UPGRADE server Info.

Nicherons International Corp, based in Canada. We aim to deliver quality on time at a minimum cost using cutting edge technology.

Warranty and Return Policy

Nicherons SpoTel Asterisk voice interface card comes with a 2 years warranty for replacement and repair from the date of purchase. We rigorously test all cards to ensure our customers always receive the highest quality products.
IMPORTANT - To qualify for the2 years warranty, the end user must:
: Be the original purchaser with proof of purchase directly from Nicherons
Please keep a copy of proof of purchase in a safe place.
If you believe you have a defective card, first contact our Technical Support at rma@nicherons.com

If the card is defective, Nicherons will issue an RMA for repair or replacement.
The following information is needed to issue an RMA:
: Customer name
: eBay ID or Paypal email
: Name of Company or Organization
: Shipping address
: Phone number
: Email
: Product name
: Quantity of items being returned
The warranty applies to the original purchaser only.
IMPORTANT: Product not packaged properly to prevent damage on return shipment will be void of warranty. If you are unsure how to pack the product to prevent damage, please contact rma@nicherons.com
To ensure your RMA is processed efficiently:
: All packages must have the RMA number marked on the outside of any and all boxes.
: Do not return items other than what is listed on the issued RMA.
: Nicherons will replace or repair defective items at its discretion.
: Repaired/Replaced items will be shipped back to the sender within a two-week period.
: To cross-ship an item we need a Paypal deposit
: In the event an item has been cross-shipped, the defective card must be returned to our offices within twenty (20) days of the shipment of the replacement. If it is not, the refund will not be refunded.
: You are responsible for return shipping costs, customs duties & shipping cost of the replacement

: Please ship back by EMS or post service only (the package will not be accepted if the return is shipped by UPS/Fedex/DHL)